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Tilmans Biere Pale ALe
A beer to honor our beloved hops! …and as always, some experimentation.

The Pale Ale is brewed in the 'New School' style, so it's very fruity, with hops at the forefront. It is naturally cloudy and pale colored.

The fruity aroma comes from an American ale yeast strain, rounded by multiple, generous hop doses.

A new, highly aromatic hop variety is used for every batch– that way, there's always something new to try. :)

Hop varieties:

SUD N°01 Neuer Zuchtstamm aus der Hallertau
SUD N°02 Pekko
SUD N°03 Denali
SUD N°04 Topaz
SUD N°05 Sabro
SUD N°06 BRU-1
SUD N°07 Ekuanot
SUD N°08 Hallertauer Nugget
SUD N°09 Callista
SUD N°10 Neuer Zuchtstamm aus der Hallertau
SUD N°11 Mosaic®
SUD N°12 Galaxy
SUD N°13 Strata
SUD N°14 Kazbek
SUD N°15 Azzacca
SUD N°16 Eclipse®
SUD N°17 Sorache Ace (Japan)
SUD N°18 Idaho 7
SUD N°19 Talus®
SUD N°20 Lilly
SUD N°21 Elixir
SUD N°22 Wai-Iti

Flavor: Fruity, hoppy, mild
Aroma: Strong hop aroma, fruity, sweet
Original Gravity: 11,9 °P
ABV: 4,9 % vol.
Malts: I only use regionally-produced pale malts for the Pale Ale.

Barley cultivation: In the rich outwash plains surrounding Munich (Münchner Schotterebene), Chiemgau and the Oberpfalz Jura
Hops: Citra®, Yakima Region, Washington State, USA
Centennial, Yakima Region, Washington State, USA
Brewery: I brew the Pale Ale at Weissbräu Schwendl in the Traunstein district of Bavaria. More information about the brewery at:

The Pale Ale artist

Elodie Martini