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export-schrift Tango Tango all night through
Tilmans Biere Export
Our Export is a modern interpretation of the traditional blue collar Export beer from Dortmund.

With a rich malty body, it´s completely organic and therefore rich in natural ingredients.

The twist in our Export is the “Tango” Hops, wich gives the beer a light bitterness and hint of pineapple.

Glückauf! (Traditional greeting of the miners in the Ruhrgebiet Area of Germany ;)

Taste: rich, tangy, hoppy
Aroma: slight hint of pineapple, fruity, malty
Original Wort: 12,9 °P
ABV: 5,6 % vol.
Malt: For the Export we exclusively use malts from regional producers.

Barley growing areas: Münchner Schotterebene, Chiemgau and Jura-Oberpfalz
Hops: Tettnanger, Bodensee Region, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Tango, Hallertau, Bayern, Germany
Brewery: We´re brewing the Export at Brauerei Gut Forsting in the Rosenheim Region of Bavaria. Further Info on the brewery could be found here:


Andi Meier