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The fox is up for bock
Tilmans Biere Kulturator
True to the motto: "Drinking for world peace", this pale bock is a collaborative effort between the philanthropic foundation "Kulturator" from Munich and Tilmans Biere.

This strong lager (bock) is brewed with regional malts, and – in the spirit of the craft beer movement – refined with aroma hops from Hallertau.

On top of that, a good part of the profits is poured back in to the Kulturator Foundation, which will distribute the money to social projects. Info about the foundation at:

Flavor: Spicy, grainy, fruity
Aroma: Bold, lemony, malty
Original Gravity: 17,1 °P
ABV: 7,0 % vol.
Malts: I only use regionally-produced pale and dark brewing malts for the Kulturator.

Barley cultivation: In the rich outwash plains surrounding Munich (Münchner Schotterebene), Chiemgau and the Oberpfalz Jura
Hops: Mittelfrüh, Region Hallertau, Bavaria, D
Brewery: I brew Kulturator in the brewery Gut Forsting in the county of Rosenheim in Bavaria. More information about the brewery at:

Artist for Kulturator

Oliver Hummel

Questions for the artist