What’s the idea behind Tilmans Biere?
The explanation is a pretty fast one:

"Industrially-brewed bulk beer tastes like crap, so I better brew beer by myself!"
Of course, there’s more to it than that:

Before the bottle

Only the highest quality raw ingredients are used, and anything else is added with the utmost care.

Long fermentation and maturing periods produce a wonderfully round and balanced beer.

From the recipe to the distribution, the same pair of hands is behind every part of the process.

In the bottle

Traditional beer styles are reinterpreted.

The flavors and aromas are intensive and lasting, and sometimes they make you say WH-WOW!

New beers are on the way soon. Different beers for different tastes.

Verschiedene Biere für verschiedene Geschmäcker.

The bottle

Classic bottle, no frills.

Artist-designed labels make every bottle a little work of art.

For every beer, there is an artist.