Die Dunkle
Tilmans Die Dunkle

The third beer in the bunch is the dark counterpart to Das Helle. It’s a classic Munich beer style in modern attire.

Die Dunkle is a traditional dark beer, with the intense aromas and the deep color of an English stout.

This dark brew has a delicate, roasted caramel malt body and a resiny, herbal hop aroma. A subtle fruity note brings to mind the piquant sweetness of blackcurrants and blackberries.

Goes down like a dark beer, tastes like a stout! Mmmmhhhh…

  • Taste: Spicy, roasted caramel, berry
  • Aroma: English hops, resiny, berry
  • Original gravity: 12,5 °P
  • Alcohol content: 5,0 % vol.
  • Malts:

    I brew Die Dunkle using exclusively regionally producing dark, caramelized and roasted malts.

  • Hops Tettnanger, Lake Constance region, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    Fuggles, Kent region, UK
  • Brauerei: I brew Die Dunkle in the Gut Forsting Brewery in Rosenheim County, Germany. For more information about the brewery, visit: www.brauerei-gut-forsting.de

Maki Shimizu

  • Name: Maki Shimizu
  • Origin, home: Outside of Tokyo, Japan, but I grew up in the countryside.
    Berlin, also travel is my home.
  • Family: Unmarried, with a partner
  • What art means: Effervescence and the seeds of creation.
    Art is to me what beer is to Tilman. I offer the thirsty a little something extra.
  • Inspiration: The everyday
  • Teh best day: Non-uniform but consistent
  • What makes me angry: Privatization, TTIP, the nuclear power lobby and weapons industry
  • You should definitely know: Traditional Thai massage techniques
  • Where I can see your work: At Jaja Verlag www.jajaverlag.com/maki-shimizu.html or in a few nice shops in Berlin.
  • Hello: Moin!!!
Maki Shimizu Maki Shimizu Maki Shimizu

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