Der Weizen
Tilmans Der Weizen

This wheat beer brings together traditional craftspersonship and the creative art of brewing.
Brewed exclusively with light wheat and barley malts, it has a solid malt backbone.

The top-fermenting yeast lets the fruity aromas and the typical wheat beer character develop.

Because of the American-style dry-hopping, it exhibits fruity notes with a touch of citrus and white wine.

100% natural thanks to bottle fermentation.

  • Flavor: Full-flavored, fruity, fresh
  • Aroma: Citric, estery, white wine
  • Alkoholgehalt: 6,0 % vol.
  • Malt:

    Der Weizen is brewed exclusively with domestic light wheat and barley malts.

  • Hops: Comet, Hallertau, Bavaria, Germany
    Strisselspalt, Strasbourg region, Alsace, France
  • Brewery: I brew Der Weizen in Weissbräu Schwendl in the Traunstein district. For more information about the brewery, visit:

MIhael Kovacec

  • Name: Mihael Kovacec
  • Origin and home: Munich Sendling
  • Family: Abby and Otis – the best, most loving and coolest woman in the world and the funniest, most laid back and best dog there ever was!
  • What tattoos and art mean: Tattoos are a symbiosis of art and craftspersonship. No matter what its form, art is creative development. Art is everywhere, it’s part of life, art is everything and everything is art. Nature is the greatest artist – nature is where you find art in its most perfect form.
  • Inspiration: Everything, everywhere, always.
  • The best day: Wake up next to my wife, sunshine, get up early, just enjoy life like it is. Ride my bike!
  • What makes me angry: People’s inconceivable idiocy, injustice, flat tires.
  • You should definitely know this: Too many things... just be open and go through life with your eyes open and you’ll see the most fascinating things
  • Where I can see your work: Everywhere and no place... On the skin of a lot people around this world and on t-shirts, walls, posters, beer bottles...
  • Schönen Gruß: Ois isi!
Mihael Kovacec Mihael Kovacec Mihael Kovacec Mihael Kovacec

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