Das Helle
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Tilmans Biere Das Helle is the first beer by a young master brewer from Munich dedicated to the culture and diversity of beer!

Das Helle is an amber colored lager, brewed with carefully selected regional ingredients and refined with the finest American aroma hops.

The beer is full-flavored and sweetly palatable like a classic Munich lager, with an intensely hoppy flavor and the distinctively fruity aroma of an American pale ale.

The contemporary interpretation of a traditional German beer, if you will.

  • Flavor: Full-bodied, hoppy, fruity
  • Aroma: Intense note of hops, fruity, fresh
  • Original gravity: 12,3 °P
  • Alcohol contents: 5,1 % vol.
  • Malts:

    I brew Das Helle using exclusively regionally-produced light, dark, and caramelized malts.

    Barley cultivation: In the rich outwash plains surrounding Munich (Münchner Schotterebene), Chiemgau and the Oberpfalz Jura

  • Hops: Tettnanger, Bodensee Region, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    Chinook, Yakima Region, Bundesstaat Washington, USA
  • Brauerei: I brew Das Helle in the Gut Forsting Brewery in Rosenheim County, Germany. For more information about the brewery, visit: www.brauerei-gut-forsting.de

Robert James Miller

  • Name: Robert "James" Miller
  • Origin, home: Started in Long Island, New York, stopping in Munich along the way.
  • Family: and friends! Bigger the better! Love em!
  • What art means: Creative Athleticism. Developing an essential understanding of how everything works, how anything can be achieved. The nature of things. How they fit,relate, how can they be manipulated, put together, pulled apart, made to sing, scream, and shine. Glued or screwed. Repeat, continue! Look at things closely. Find the heart in them, the sweat on the creators brow, the smile on their face.
    The storyteller tells stories.
  • Inspiration: The greater things.
  • The best day: Get up early. Sun! Quick coffee, get to it!
  • What makes you angry: Wasting time!
  • You should definitely know this: Ohh gosh! Open lots of books! Explore your cities! Explore your forests! Dig through those big boxes of mixed stuff at the flea market. Meet people. Smile at them! There are so many great and important things to learn out there. Try to keep an open heart, then you tell me!
  • Where can I see your work: start here thegreatgrowinggallery.blogspot.de/
  • Hello: Soon you'll find me in your pant's pockets, hanging from your desk lamps, between your fingers as you're standing over a garbage pail not quite sure you can throw away that lil note I drew for you four years ago reminding you you're great, I can't wait to see ya again and thanks for the coffee! I love my friends!
Robert James Miller Robert James Miller Robert James Miller

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