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Is a chestnut-brown ale, fermented with English ale yeast and refined with American aroma and bitter hops.

Brown Ale is aromatic and fruity with hints of orange and lemon. The taste is pleasantly caramel with a nice bitter finish.

This beer is fermented in and matured in the bottle using traditional techniques. It is unfiltered and unprocessed in every way.

The Brown Ale is another contemporary interpretation of a traditional beer, but this time it’s an English one!

  • Taste: Fruity, hoppy, caramel, bitter
  • Aroma: Spicy, orange and lemon
  • Original gravity: 13,2 °P
  • Alcohol content: 5,8 % vol.
  • Malts:

    I brew the Brown Ale using exclusively regionally-produced light, dark, caramelized and roasted malts.

    Barley cultivation: In the rich outwash plains surrounding Munich (Münchner Schotterebene), Chiemgau and the Oberpfalz Jura

  • Hops: Citra®, Yakima Region, Washington, USA
    Centennial, Yakima Region, Washington, USA
  • Brewery: I brew the Brown Ale at Weissbräu Schwendel in Traunstein County, Germany. For more information about the brewery, visit: www.weissbraeu-schwendl.de

Mikael Ross

  • Name: Mikael Ross
  • Origin, home: Born and bred in Munich, un-bred in Berlin…
  • Family: Not yet. We’ll see…
  • What comics mean: Lots and lots and lots of work and little pay! But lots of fun!
  • Inspiration: Pretty much everything that crosses my path…
  • Der beste Tag: xxx
  • Was macht dich wütend: FUCKING PEGIDA AND CRAP FRONT NATIONAL!!!
  • Den/die/das sollte man kennen: Oh, hard one… my dear atelier colleague Mikkel Sommer for example (mikkelsommer.blogspot.de)
  • Wo kann ich deine Arbeiten sehen: Where I can see your work: In book form from Avant-Verlag www.avant-verlag.de/comic/lauter_leben
  • Hello to: All of my friends!!!
Mikael Ross Mikael Ross Mikael Ross

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